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The best school in Jackson, New Jersey, despite how poor and disheveled it is. Millions of dollars were wasted on building a new school across town, when that money could have been used to renovate the present school, but we're alright with that. The nurse gives you crackers and Perino can smell a cell phone from a mile away, but it's chill. We're the best at every sport and we have the best school colors; red and black. Come on. Gray and red can't compare. It's dirty, it's old, it's got over a thousand different kids in it, but we like it that way.
JLHS Student: Guys, we just got a pool! A POOL! And we have smartboards and wireless internet, and clean hallways, and laptops, and--
JMHS Student: That's no excuse. Liberty is still shit compared to Jackson Memorial High School.
JLHS Student: But we're good at sports!
JMHS Student: ... Kill yourself.
by jmhs 2010 <3 November 14, 2008
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High School in Jackson NJ, full actually nice of people who won't fuck you over for looking at them the wrong way. Might be old but better then it's predecessor Jackson Liberty High School (witch is full of guidos, and punk ass wannabee niggers).
True Story:
Me(JLHS student 1):Hey guys I figured out that Jackson Memorial High School isn't bad at all! There's actually nice people there!

JLHS student 2: LOL ur funny n00b XD we r tha best thy suk dikzzzzzzz LOL!

by ACEstrigon009 June 21, 2012
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