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A person that doesn't understand jack, yet, still makes snap judgements with the narcissistic belief they are the smartest person in the room and know whats best for everyone.
Anarchists are such jacksnaps that think they can fix the world but live in their mom's basement.
by DirtiestD November 18, 2014
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noun. A person who is a jackass and subconsciously knows that they are acting in that manner!
Look at that man over there yelling! What a Jacksnap!
by mystical_luna13 September 12, 2009
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A combination jackoff session, snack, then a nap. Usually in that order.
Sally Balls: It's 5pm, you're still in your robe?
Tony: It's my day off. Been jacksnappin' all day.
Sally Balls: Must be nice.
by An Axe To Grind April 25, 2013
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(v) when a person snaps a picture of themselves from the eyebrows up
Jordan always jack snaps Caroline when he is sad.
by caruhoh September 17, 2018
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