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A variety of Dumb Bitch that wears oversized designer sunglasses.

Usually found in west/northwest London, about to drive her expensive and usually gigantic car into you because she's a)in too much of a hurry to go and do something vapid and materialistic b)not concentrating on what she's doing c)got no idea how to drive her expensive and gigantic automobile.

Despite being always and utterly in the wrong, these women still have the utter gall to scowl, honk their horn, gesticulate wildly, and act as though YOU are the scumbag driving dangerously due to all-conquering selfishness. But hey, when your husband's money is burning a hole in your purse and Bulgari is closing soon, the rest of the world had better get the hell out of your way, right?

Jackie D'ohs are usually of Middle Eastern descent or posh white women.
"Did you see that Jackie D'oh that almost smashed into us in Swiss Cottage? She was on her Blackberry rather than actually looking where she was driving"
by Jherek Carnelian January 03, 2011
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