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1. One's teeth/smile that is in need of dental work.

2. One's teeth/smile that is in poor or injured condition.
by Rosalinda February 07, 2005
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A versatile phrase that can be used in any situation - as an adjective, excuse, a loud call to break an awkward silence...Anything really. Namely what will happen to you as a result of various negative situations.
Sorry, I can't stop to talk, yo - I got a Jacked up grill.
That honky didn't invite me to play dominoes, he must have some jacked up grill!
I'm gonna get one jacked up grill if I can't get a ticket to the Pistons-Suns game.
That sucka must have one jacked up grill to be hitting up that hoe.
I GOT A JACKED UP A GRILL!!! (used to break awkward silence)
My grill's been getting jacked up lately cause you aint been home.
by Whiteside April 09, 2007
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