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Jackden is a kind, nerdy and funny guy that brightens everyone's day even if it's that persons darkest days. Jackden is brave and cleaver and Jackden is a charmer if you know a Jackden you can't help but fall in love with them. Jackden is smart and a great person to know. Jackden is usually kinda chubby, but extremely handsome and Jackden usually will disagree with you if you call them handsome or hot. Jackden will light up your world. Jackden is like a galaxy yet to be explored. Jackden will blow your mind and you'll never forget Jackden. P.S Jackden is a huge nerd and loves gaming and T.V shows like Doctor who, etc
Girl: wow Jackden is such a unique person
Jackdens girlfriend: Yes he is. Jackden is unique i love him so much
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by Love_all_who_love_you June 15, 2018
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