Those supporting the University of Washington Huskies who exhibit obnoxious behavior, arrogance and smack talk but did not attend the school. Most of these fans didn’t go to college and claim UW as it’s geographically desirable. They may also leverage a family connection (i.e my brother went to UW, therefore I have the right to talk smack about the Cougs and act like an ass) to justify the poor, classless behavior. Ironically, it’s typically the Jack-Huskies who get the most defensive, trash talk the most about the Washington State University Cougars and respond with shouting of uneducated expletives.

Typical UW t-shirt fans in the Seattle area that just want to be a fan and keep their mouth shut is found to be less annoying and acceptable however once they start talking smack, acting arrogant and can’t specify any real connection to the school through actual, personal experience (i.e student, alumni, professor), they are categorized as a Jack-Husky.
Most Jack-Huskies come out around Apple Cup if UW is doing well.

There's a specific personality on KJR AM in Seattle that's the biggest Jack-Husky you'll ever hear of.
by J.Cooper December 6, 2010