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when you eat to many calories in one day and you don't go to the washroom frequently you will start getting pains and you might think its diharea but its not that its way worse.... while you're thinking that the food and pee mix making a very unpleasent mixture and it hardens really quickly then you finally go pee and it chooses to go out your pee hole but its usually 4 times larger than your pee hole so you have to sit and keep sqeazing it out and as your doing this your shitting out a gooey substance that clogs you ass hole making all the other shit spraying in your body, now the thing is almost out your wang and then the last squeaze comes and you peehole rips and blood mixes with the mixture and then creates a nasty cheese that sticks to your head for many years to come usuallly used for baking, you can put it on the pan and it makes it not stick and it also makes a nice light sent and taste to it ...YUMMMY:P
Jack the ripper and tony the shitter
by babbooo May 04, 2007
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