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A person of many characters and / or personalities. A very exciting person who will always keep you guessing and on your toes. You will never know if the person is coming or going often leaving you in a redundant tail spin guessing game of Name that Character!
"How exciting.. who is Cynthia Daniele today!? A minister!?"
"Nope, guess again!"
"A Sunday school teacher!?" "Jay Leno because of your huge chin!?"
"No asshole! I am a sailor because I swear like one!"
"Mrs. Daniele, please refrain from diarreah of the mouth. Especially in front of the children. Who raised you.. a pack of wolves? Clean up your act because your kind is certainly not welcome here."
"You're a bunch of bitches.. ha!"
*children crying*
"Oh, they just need a good ass whooping! F**kers!"
*Mrs. Daniele escorted out*
by anobviousupgrade April 10, 2010
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