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1. Two awesome, beautiful ass hanging out bitches who are crazy and have guys drooling over them all the time.

2. They get with all the guys at school and love to party. Both of them flirt with any guy they see even if he is ugly because she is obsessed with boys.
3. They both absolutly love muffins meaning the food and their friend muffins who they think is the most awesome hilarious person ever!
4. They are mainly girls who loves to let their ass hang out and always have a guy by their side because they flirt all the time!
Two girls go to a party they start dancing and have guys drooling over them. They flirrt with all of the buys even if they are ugly and they eat muffins while grinding some guys! They are known as Jack Jack and Tay Tay!
by muffinsssssssssssss!!!! October 05, 2010
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