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Its a special type of Zauce. When put on ribs it brings you instantly to heaven. Heaven for fatties that is!? The second you open the bottle a whiff of ecstasy is blown into your face - but be careful you might faint from pure joy. Pouring it on your ribs, hot dogs, steaks, burgers, wings, pizza, and cholent you see a golden brown like liquid flow out of the bottle. The Zauce is such an eclectic Zauce that it can be used with almost anything. It can be used from right when you wake up brushing your teeth, and if you wanna flavor up your water a lil just squirt about a table spoon in there and your good to go.
"Are you putting Jack Daniels Zauce on that?"

"Na, We only use Jack Dangiels zauce. Spicy zauce".
by Derrrs May 12, 2011
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