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1). A cross-breed between a Jamaican and a Beaner. Found in several clubs in Def Jam:FFNY, they like to piss white people off with their cheap-ass moves like hopping over your head when you punch them in the face. Several famous Jabeaners include Sean Paul, and the various members of the Rastafah Crew. (It should be noted that a Jabeaner does not actually have to be half Jamaican and half Beaner. They just have to look like a Beaner and talk very fast like a Jamaican.)

2). Fast talking, cheap fighting assholes in Def Jam:FFNY that neither Joe nor I could beat because they are cheap-ass, motherfucking sons of bitches that fight with weapons because they are gay-ass pussies who cant fight like real computer generated AI.
That Sean Paul is a cheap ass motherfucking Jabeaner and made the buttons on my controller not work, then beat my ass with weapons because he is a pussy.
by idm0211 July 04, 2006
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