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Jabón is a Spanish word and not to be mistaken with jamón (ham) or queso (cheese), translates to soap. However, it is often used very fluidly such as the word "fuck" and its many conjugations. A common expression is to say that you are eating jabón.
Julia: I love to eat jabón! It's my favorite food!

Vivek: I do as well! I enjoy consuming smoothies made out of jabón
by TeamKevinC. June 22, 2016
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Is a personality test where you give someone the word jabón to pronounce. If pronounced wrong usually: Jah-bon. Then they are a full fledged jabon.
I gave my brother the jabon test. He failed when he pronounced JAW-BON. Shame
by Jabon League January 19, 2009
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An urban/ghetto person exhibiting the stereotypical Africa American lifestyle. One who failed the jabon test.
I was in the club and I met a jabon. he had dredz, grillz, wore puma slippers with white socks. And drove an illegal Impala, with 25 inch rims.
by Jabon posers January 19, 2009
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