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The hub city located between Nashville and Memphis divided by Interstate-40. Jackson has two Walmarts along with many churches. It contains 3 Major private schools which divide the city. The three schools, USJ, JCS, and TCA are major rivals in both sports and academics. USJ is known for having the best sports teams for it has the history of being the first private school in Jackson, while JCS and TCA are just a bunch of dooschebags that don't give a cleveland steemer about their religion. There are also 4 major public schools: Madison Academic, Northside, Jackson Central, and Southside. Jackson is known for having a key rivalry between Northside and Southside in sports, while MAHS has a reputation for winning many national academic decathalons. JCM is known for having some crime, but all around being a chill school.
"Dude, there's not much to do in JTown Tennessee." Reply:"I know right. Let's go to a football game and toke it up."

Common Misspellings: None. If you do, you're a dumbass.
by Academic Stud January 22, 2012
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