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This term originated from the greatest pimp of all time, J Sammz, which has come to form multiple meanings:
1) adj. The ultimate level of pimpin'; most superior pimp stage.
2) n.All da wiminz love you because you pimp like Sammz.
3)v.The act of being all trilla fo all day, till you clap all dem bitches and hoes.

In order to fully determine whether you have in fact reached the level of JS Big Pimpin', one must first obtain multiple hoes that are insistent on letting your penis enter their mouths.
1) David: Yo seen trilla, I have reached JS Big Pimpin level. I be fly like JS.
JS: No one is fly as me fool.

2) Wiminz: OMG we love you for being so pimpin like J Sammz. You JS big pimp.

Ronald: I b all trillaed out 2 day, now I am gonna go clap some blond french bitch before I sleep.
Sebastian: Yo u be JS Big Pimpin!
by Sammz December 06, 2008
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