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JLO complex is someone who wants to be white desperately but then he/she is rejected and they go to black people and judging white people as racist. Jennifer Lopez is showing her brown hair as a sign that she has some European blood but she is not white and she used her Latina image to get attention as if she is so proud of being Latina, but all she does is trying to look Greek goddess with her tan skin which is strange and annoying. And, she also loves black guys. In her music video there are bunch of black dudes dancing as if she is saying these are your illegitimate children. She is not white but desperately wanna be white and she goes around all the race with inferiority complex and show as if she is over it by showing the opposite. She is showing her complex all over the race but she pretend that she is above all complex to hide herself really having complex.
Does she have JLO complex?
Yeah, she can't become enough of white race she f**ks everyone around.
by Goodchild June 02, 2013
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