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Just Kidding For Formality, But Not Really. Used under many circumstances, JKFFBNR has a variety of applications. In the event that one types something incriminating, offensive, embarrassing, or overwhelming to the reader but is actually somewhat true, a simple "JK" may not hit the spot. That's where the JKFFBNR pops in.
Saurondies36: I totally think you're the hottest man alive.
Saurondies36: JKFFBNR

Alpacadude: Hey fatty lose some weight!JKFFBNR
Soberccaznlzr: HEY!

Jaldweet: Hey man i think i love you
Adultmonarch: I love you too!...
Adultmonarch: JKFFBNR
by Muffinmang May 08, 2008
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