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Similar in definition to the aforementioned, JK Wrangler, the JK Wrangler Unlimited is the new 4 door version of the JK Wrangler (2007+). All the traits that apply to the JK Wrangler, also apply to the JK Wrangler Unlimited. Yes, my friends, this bad daddy also has solid axles (dual Dana 44s on the upscale Rubicon Unlimited trim), available factory electronic lockers, available sway bar disconnect, 32" BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires, and a whole host of other amenities and features. What does this mean for the 21st century wheeler? The iconic Wrangler is now suitable for carrying the entire family and all their gear with ease. OR, the extra space can also be utilized, for...<ahem>, other EXTRACURRICULAR activities. Tu sabes??? ;) Once again, other 4x4s simply need not apply. FJ Cruiser? Go home. Ford Explorer? Bite me. Land Rover LR2? Why even bother? Acura RDX/MDX? All I can do is snicker, baby! Nissan Xterra? We established this, your boys will throw sand in your eyes if you buy this one! Porsche Cayenne? Stick to the mall parking lot! Let's see, am I forgetting anyone?...
OH YEAH! Hummer H2 and Hummer H3 owners take note: You all dropped $35+K on SUVs (note: I did NOT use the term're not worthy) that couldn't wheel themselves out of a moldy-ass cardboard box...let alone handle the dunes at Glamis, the rocks of Moab, or even the mud of the Deep South. Do us all a favor and slap some chrome 24" Zenettis on your mall cruisers and stick to toolin' down the boulevard. Okay? Well, I do believe we are finished here. Have a GREAT day. :)
"After threatening my vision with thrown sand, my boys convinced me to snag a JK Wrangler, however, I remembered the little lady at home and my two rugrats, so I decided to do them one better and step up to the JK Wrangler Unlimited. Who's throwing the sand now, suckas???"
by Russ D. February 15, 2008
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