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Condensed pseudonym that derives from the phrase Jizz-on-us, this cultural idiom originates from the Asian race, used frequently on occasion when plebeians shout in excitement, "Holy Jizzuz!" in the English language. Westerners misinterpreted these clamors of ejaculation because of the incomprehensible accentuation of these people from the land of the rising sun, and instead thought their shrieks of joy were referring to the Holy Messiah himself. This was later found to be untrue based on the anthropological evidence presented by an Asian-Caucasian and quarter negro in a heated and educational exchange on the popular social-networking website, facebook. So when Asians proclaim "Jizzuz" in the middle of prayer, work, and discussion, it is not to use the Lord’s name in vain or draw attention to humanity’s savior, but rather to reference the feeling that normally succumbs a male before he showers his excitement all over his companions.
"Holy Jizzuz, that was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

"We ask that Jizzuz may enter your lives and lead you on to the path of truth and happiness."

"Jizzuz is what helps me wake up each day looking on the bright side."

"I can only thank Jizzuz for the many blessings I have received in my lifetime."
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