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The most AMAZING person you will ever meet. Someone who has great taste in clothes, dance, and friends. She is a gorgeous girl, pretty, with an fabulous smile. Always looking beautiful and her best. Always the type of girl anyone can have a good laugh with and make friends easily with.

Jereena's always tend to be be incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief! They will normally have a nice ass and will be loved by everyone.

They will tend to date guys with a perfect eyes, great in bed, but importantly someone who will treat her throughout everything.

Guys with names beginning with J,S or N will steal Jereena's heart away with love and will show that they care about her. Before staring an relationship she will have to get close to a guy so she can gain there trust completely. Her smile is what everyone will first fall for.
Jereena's are very clever,smart,fun and also the most caring people you will ever meet.
Jereena is a fun, outgoing person who has a great personality.
Dude 1: Maaann, did you see that girl, she's friendly and popular!
Dude 2: That is Jereena for sure.
by Devil Princess December 28, 2014
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