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The oldest child of the Jump family, JD is the lighting designer and acting head of the lighting crew for ampersand. Often associated with his decision to become a priest, JD has a Jesus freak license plate on his truck which also has a “ghetto clock” and plenty of Christian music to last the trip.

He can usually be found on the campuses of St. Catherines or St. Chris or in Chesterfield located on the Southside of Richmond, yes he bravely crosses the bridge everyday. JD is an official member of the wank crew and can often be found carrying a “fairy-wand“ one wonders what such a tool could be used for. While certain young girls have questioned his sexual orientation, JD is adamantly straight.

JD has a younger sister who is a tri-varsity athlete. Never fear, JD has also received a varsity letter, the fact that he received it for managing the wrestling team is irrelevant. The future holds a departure from Ampersand and St. Christopher’s to attend Randolph Macon in the fall however it will not be a departure from theater altogether. Once a theater brat always a theater brat, honestly he only returns for the dust.
Innocent passenger: What is this music?
JD: I don't know, let me change it.
Innocent passenger: You managed to change it from a station with bad music to a station with even worse music.
JD: It's a CD
Innocent passenger: Apparently the Jump family is not known for their taste in music.

by ellet cult January 27, 2005
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