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In computing, a redundant array of independent disks (more commonly known as a RAID) is a system of using multiple hard drives for sharing or replicating data among the drives. Depending on the version chosen the benefit of RAID is a one or more of increased data integrity, fault-tolerance, performance or capacity compared to single drives.

JBOD ("just a bunch of disks," or "just a bunch of drives") is a derogatory term - the official term is "spanning" - used to refer to a computer's hard disks plugged into a controller card that haven't been configured according to the RAID (for "redundant array of independent disks") system to increase fault tolerance and improve data access performance.

Most disk controllers don't have any RAID functionality built into them. In these cases, the Operating System sees the disk drives connected to the controller as Just a Bunch Of hard Drives. In addition, many RAID controllers default to a JBOD configuration before being configured for RAID.
Johnny: I don't know much about raid, but I wanna add more hard drives to my PC to store all my Geighmahnpr0n, Game *Demos*, Keyboard Drivers, and Credit Card #'s on.
Tim: Hey johnny you can buy a controller card, and set it up as a JBOD array.
Johnny: Wow... I have no idea what you just said, but if you set it up for me I'll let you watch my mom in the shower through a hole in the wall...
by Anarchy_Creator December 20, 2005
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The instance when when someone cuts someone else out of their life by blocking all methods of communication. Used in such situations as ex-boyfriends/girlfriends or cutting ties with a friend.
Jbo: "I came home and tossed him off my bl and blocked his ass."
Me: "He's just been Jbo'd."
by MyleState July 05, 2007
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