The gift of the conglomeration of Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen's names. The marriage of these two people is like the icing on a beautiful chocolate cake. And I don't kid when it comes to chocolate cake. Contrary to popular belief, the EdwardxBella couple are NOT the best couple. They don't even make a nice conglomerated name! Edlla. Belward. It just sounds stupid.
Don't you wish Twilight was based around Jalice? The EdwardxBella vibe is completely irrational and obsessive. It's kind of sickening.
by mei-lin jene April 16, 2009
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The concept of being the two hottest people in the world (aka. Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen from the fabled Twilight Saga).
"They're hot sure, but they're not Jalice so STFU"

"Who cares if they sparkle, they're Jalice!"


"Vote 1 Team Jalice: In reality, you'd totally do us"

"Alice Cullen is perfection and Jasper Hale turned me Bi, YEAH TEAM JALICE!"
by ArannaLeg October 23, 2009
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"Jalice" is the merging of the two names of the charaters Jasper and Alice from the Twilight saga. It represents their relationship as a married couple, and to some people, Jalice are the only reason to read and/or watch the overall mundane Twilight saga as they are the only characters and couple in the series who make the saga interesting.
"Jalice are the only reason I can bare to sit through the Twilight Saga."

"Twilight should have been about Jalice instead of the awkward Bella and Edward."

"Team Jalice Forever!"

"Some Jalice fanfictions are much better than the whole twilight saga put together."
by Jalice fan! August 03, 2012
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