A moron named Justin, (formerly nicknamed J-bone) who wastes thousands of dollars buying other people's take-home doses of methadone. What makes J-dōne so fucking stupid is because he believes the 120mg of methadone he already legally receives from a methadone clinic isn't enough, so he wastes lots of money buying methadone from other patients, when as a patient he can easily make a doctor's appointment and get his dose increased legally and since insurance pays for the treatment, there is no need to spend money, dumbass. The most stupid part of J-done`s thought process is there is a blood test called a peak and trough that can be done to confirm if the medication levels are too low and an increase of medication is needed. Stupid fuck
J-dōne just got paid and he's broke again. Fucktard spent $800 this week buying other people's take-homes , but all he had to do was meet with the doctor and ask to increase his methadone dose. If it's no longer helping they're not going to say no, and they can do a blood test to confirm if he's built a tolerance and needs an increase.
by James Westen December 26, 2018