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Ghetto ebonics slang for Jar Jar Binks, the most virulently annoying and moronic sci-fi character to ever grace the big screen. Of course there are some people who think he was fucking hillarious though.
George Lucas is suddenly awakened and terrified when a large strong frightening-looking black man storms into his bedroom breaking his door down.

Large scary looking black man: Ayyo Gizzorge, ya bettah brizzing J to da Bizzinks back in Ep'sode 3 o' else I'm gonna slide up again on ya wit mah homeboys and rape yo wife and kizzids, jack yo money frum ya, bizzurn down Skywalker Ranch, and make you da loveslave of sum cheese hog granny fo the rest of yo life, BITCH!

George Lucas:(shivering in his pajamas) Ummm, ohhh kay, I-I'll bring him back.
by Mark H September 05, 2004
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