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A J move is when someone does something that is jewish. and leads to your loss

Ex: You told your mom to not eat the last piece of chicken, but she does... You got hit with the J moves
Me: Yo dee are u gunna scoop me tonight?

Dee: Yeah ill be there at 10

*** Dee never shows up***
Next day

Me: Yo why did u hit me with the J move cunt fucker

Dee: Oh sorry, my moms hit me with the j move and took the car
by KC Thakid2317 August 17, 2008
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Similar to Jew Move; To cheat someone out of something, or lie about something for your benefit.
Cecil-I'll come over to pick you up in 10 minutes.
(20 minutes pass)
Dee-Man where you at?
Cecil-I'm about to leave
Dee-Man thats the J move
by Chronic23 August 24, 2008
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