Jolin is a beautiful girl who suffers with some things but learns to conquer them. She has amazing, supportive friends and a whole heap of men at her feet. She is loyal to her loved ones, she gets annoyed easily. Jolin is also quirky, funny, weird and hyper.
She's a Jolin
by Sally kay June 04, 2018
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(Adjective)- To be the most beautiful female in existence, with no competition whatsoever; to have the ability to swoon every man in the vicinity
Person A: "What are all those guys looking at

Person B: "It must be a jolin girl. Let's go check it out?"
by Triton_Greek October 19, 2014
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He can be an amazing friend and a sporty guy who would take on a challenge no matter what. he can get depressed at time and just wants a little space but at other times he can be full of energy. He is very protective about his hair and if you touch it he will murder you and make sure you can't get up. he is in love with anime and can't live without it.
what a Jolin/ larki ka batcha
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by akpjowohs June 12, 2019
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Jolin is a very nice and caring friend that helps others when they are in need. He is a relationship god and gives everyone help when they are having trouble with their bf/gf. He is very committed to any challenge and is determined to finish it. He is overall a caring person and a legend.
oh my god, there goes jolin! I wanna be him so baddd
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by spicythunder June 12, 2019
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