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Jésagodism jé-say-god-ih-zum is an acceptance religion where God, Jesus, and Satan are all worshipped and loved equally. It is focused on the beliefs that everyone is equal no matter what race, sexuality, gender, profession, intellect, income, sex, illnesses etc. and that instead of hate to be spread, it is focused specifically on spreading love, acceptance, reassurance, and support. The buildings in which jésagodists practice the religion are called godaéj's, and Sundays are the religious events in which the jésagodists come to practice and/or go to Sunday school. Our Sunday school program consists of a ball pit for recess and Dunkin Donuts served for breakfast to all children. They will learn early in their life to accept everyone and not to judge those who are not interfering in their personal daily lives. Sherly Temples will be served as the blood of Christ and garlic bread in small portions served as the skin of Christ. A rock band will perform each song that is supposed to play on that day of the week, and cursing is allowed no matter how young the age. Our bible will be in a rough copy eventually, but for now you can find it published on Wattpad (continuously) to learn about more of the things Jésagodism offers if you join this religion! The Pope is Kaylee and the Holy Daddies are Lea and Becca.
"Oh man, Jésagodism is the least offensive religion out there!"
by Pope Kae February 02, 2017
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