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That everything is alright and not to worry.
Popularised by the English Comic "The Mayor of El Zez"
Often succeeded by the iconic phrase "chill man, evrything's cool here, it's like a popsicle in a fridge freezer aye?"
(You walk into a crowded newsagent but startle another patron with your sudden appearance leading him to soil cocoa on your shoes)
You: "Hey man, double ew tee eff"
Man: "Hey listen broski i really goofed this time"
You: "Yeah you did you dweeb, now you gonna get busted"
Man: "Nah please man I'm really sorry"
You: "...Jànté"
by Samuelson Samuels SAMUELA February 06, 2014
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Meaning "ok" or "let's move on and put all this behind us"
Mayor Bandito always be saying it and he the realest.
Tommy J: "Hey, fuck you douggy"
Douggy: "Do you really mean the Tommy J or are you jealous I'm a balla and you ain't nut in?"
Tommy J: "I'm sorry Douggy, I just want to be like you so bad riding round town in yo pickup truck wit no cares"
Douggy: "Jànté"
Tommy J: "This is why everybody love you Douggy"
by Douggy Fresh February 06, 2014
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