A JRI (Jager relater incident) is very similar to an ARI (Alcohol related incident) except that it may, and usually does, include incidents you can't recall until reminded in some way. The consumption of jager seems to have direct effect on the time-space continuum. These incidents can include bruises from an unknown source, texts you don't remember sending or phone calls you don't remember making, as well as things you may have said. In extreme cases it may involve inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex - and in the most extreme case, this same behavior with the same sex. Can occur after several shots of jager but seem to have a higher incident level after multiple jagerbombs.
Angel: Who was that girl you were making out with on the dance floor last night??

Glenn: I was making out with a girl last night?? Must have been a J R I because I remember nothing!! Hope she was cute at least!! Damn jagerbombs!!


Angel: Soooo - can you please tell me what I texted you at 3am last night? I see responses from you but it seems I cleared my sent folder!

Blake: You called me a bum for staying home and then said you were coming to my house to party. I told you "negative" and you argued but then finally agreed. No big deal - we'll just call it another J R I!!
by Just Sayin12 January 25, 2010