A insane yet controlled form of driving on public roads in varying degress of sobriety and inebriation. This driving style has developed over the past 4 years to include but is not limited to, compact cars, high performance sports cars, light duty pick-up trucks, medium duty trucks, tractor trailers, as well as street bikes and dirt bikes. DISCLAIMER!- This driving style is very dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone other than J. Black himself. It put's other peoples lives at risk!
Holy shit man you just took that 90 degree turn at 70 miles an hour, going back to your J. Black Driving style I see.
by J. Black November 16, 2007
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Going for a drive with the sole purpose of smoking weed and getting high
"Lets go for a J drive, yo"
"Sure pick me up in ten. Got some good shit on me"
by nooshers May 2, 2013
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