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1. A Link Cable Transmitted Disease (LCTD) contracted by contact with an infected person, television set, computer, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo Wii, causing sore thumbs, headaches, the inability to forget anything related to this cash cow franchise, including but not limited to the names of all 493 pokemon, their stats, growth rates, locations and availability, habits, mating rituals, history, food chains, ecosystems, and origins.

2. Symptoms include: the inability to speak or think about anything unrelated to anything other than pokemon, and upon realization of the condition, a vain attempt to join in the conversations of others just to feel accepted after almost 10 years of knowing only pokemon as their god, and finally, a burning sensation caused whilst urinating.
person1:dude, did you see that episode of X-Play yesterday? Pokemon Diamond and Pearl totally got a 3/5!!
person2: lolzorz
chronic sufferer of Ithurtswhenipikachu (PokeMonnorhea): did you know that there are now over 493 different species of--
person1 and person2 together: stkfu, we don't want your disease!
by aka_Pyro April 22, 2007
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