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'Itchy Ribs' refers to a condition affecting the bones which form the rib cage surrounding the chest, including the sternum through the costal cartilage to the clavicle. It is commonly misconstrued that the 'Itch" manifests itself on the surrounding skin of the bones. This theory, however, was disproven when a 2006 study discovered a causal connection between the severity of a patient's itch and a patient's daily intake of calcium supplements for relief of heartburn.

Symptoms of IR include: circular motions massaging the rib bones and surrounding cartilage, repeated statements calling attention to the state of one's ribs, and excessive intake of heartburn medication and/or alcoholic beverages, but usually in conjunction.
Hey man, I think that chick's got itchy ribs, let go help her.
by ILoveCrockadileDundee32 February 02, 2011
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