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There is an Italian mafia agent liver here in Outer Mongolia, he wears his leather coat and keeps his automatitic weapon in his mafia style breif case, His name is hugo(a typical mafia name). He shuffles around at the dead of night and scares the living day lights out of small defenceless children. He is soon to be promoted to a Mafia God and he will rule the Outer Mongolian regions. He also drives a vauxall chavalier which is most un-mafia like. Probably to keep a low profile though. His hair is gelled in the most mafia-ish style, short and gelled back! He will never leave the proximity of his house without his leather coat and breifcase. Every thing from head to foot is mafia-ish even his leg! If anyone see's him shuffling arount outer mongolia then they should keep far away because he is convicted kitten killer. DANGER
Italian Mafia agent (hugo) This is a post from one of his friends;

hugo is an Italian Mafia agent he keeps his weapon in his breif case ad he drives a renault how uncool! richard is a chav...obviously jont: i cud say so much grrrrr random chomper, fish, cheese and a bit of banana smoothie combined with biscuit peelings ad some text book pages to compliment- how unique ad a bit more fish, its the late show jow about driving about in your very own mini one its a fantastic mini one you text spire plus your bid in pence texts cost alot of money its your chance to win whos this party girl dolls i know you do thats why wenever come around its easy to see a in the back of your mind i no i have 300 letters to go phew this is boring ad i bet noon e has bothered to read this far so im going to ramble on about nothing much except richard is a chav ad he stole his new alfa, 2000 smacceroones yea right!! dont beleive that at all wheres the violin case hugo! the machine gun is in the boot.. anywy im nerly done ad i understand that fish = some peple mwah
by Nick Raceee January 19, 2007
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