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Giving yourself a handjob using the hand of either a passed out or sleeping girl/guy.
"Sara passed out early last night so i had to give myself an italian handjob"
by Lonny February 03, 2005
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Italian Hand Job Italian Hand Job, or commonly referred to as IHJ, is the ultimate test of a woman's endurance.The challenge is to sit through the entire Italian Job movie (usually naked). If the woman has the strength to finish the movie, then all participants are rewarded with a hand job. This is a commonly used diversion by males when the girl is much more into the guy then the guy is into the girl.
Jenny: What are you doing tonight Caleb?
Caleb: Oh nothing really!

Jenny: Want to hang out or watch a movie?

Caleb: Only if it's the Italian Job

Jenny: Can I give you an Italian Hand Job after?

Caleb: Yes
by Basement Bros September 19, 2012
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When, after eating a tasty italian dinner of pasta and sauce, your partner gives you a handjob using the leftover pasta sauce as lube. Best with homemade sauces, chunky sauces are NOT ideal.
Dude, she made me spaghetti with this sick homemade marinara, and then she gave me an Italian Handjob!
by STankylegz October 20, 2009
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