A phrase that is usually used when someone asks for something or do something and think they actually accomplished something in life.
Guy 1: I just got a load of kills in fortnite.
by CurryIsTheGoodStuff August 16, 2019
a skin color CANNOT define a person. it is impossible to judge someone by their looks. being dark or black isn't a crime and all people need to have the freedom to live peacefully without being judged by their color. brown, black or white we all have blood running inside our body and a heart that is beating, so what matters more. these innocent people need to be served justice. In the month of may the tragic death of George Floyd happened which opened the eyes of many but some people are still a sleep eg: the US government, they need to take action against the policemen who lead this tragic death i hope they understand that this is not going to stop unless action is taken. "DON'T EVER JUDGE A BOOK BY THE COVER."
black lives do matter and need to be served justice and need to have the freedom to live.
by it's d queen June 6, 2020