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A very very beautiful girl, who struggles to find who she is but is always so determined on herself and what truly matters. Guys want her but she doesn’t want any guy, she waits until the one comes. She’s patient, hot, smart, and can make you laugh in a second. She has one of the most prettiest smiles you can witness. You’ll want her so bad because she can be a baddie and has a great style but also because she has a personality that words can’t describe. She is a kind-hearted girl with good intentions but at times can be kind of bitchy but always for a good reason. You’ll know you don’t deserve her but she really cares about anyone who’s a part of her life. She is one in a trillion. Don’t ever lose a Ismerai because that’s when you fuck up. She’ll love you like no other and once you decide to leave then it’s over for you.
Hey dude , I’m definitely going to marry her.
Im not going to the wedding if it’s not Ismerai bro
by Ism_r October 28, 2018
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An asian girl who smells like feet, is lazy, but is also sexy lol she is loved by all. She is smart, funny, and short. A name. Nickname Meme.
Guy #1: Damn do you that girl over there?
Guy #2: Yea i do she must be a Ismerai!
by #WeakSalsa July 14, 2014
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