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Possibly one of the biggest tourist attractions in the united states. The locals waste their time there, getting trashed at local bars and getting divorced to their wives, to only end up dating the guys from across the bar. If your parents aren't charter boat capitans, they are most likely a real estate agent. Everyone is related in some strange way, and you know of legendary family names like Ross, Lindback, Eklund, De Paula and so on and so forth. we have one public school on the island that isnt even worth going to, and is a complete joke. There is no mall in sight. forget about it because the residents all end up wearing the same clothes that come from homestead which is the closest place to find decent clothing around. Maybe they should just lower the Drinking age to 13 1/2 because thats when the local children find things like beer and occasionally pot. Islamorada is basically the high school for adults, getting drunk and spreading rumors about the place
Kelly- "hey are you coming home to islamorada from boarding school?"

Ansley- "hell yeah! remember when we were in seventh grade and made jello shots when my parents got divorced and my mom started going out with tylers dad?"

Kelly-"yeah those were the days."
by Ansleystoner January 26, 2007
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