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A flawed mindset most common among bleeding heart liberals from Western countries. Islamic Overcompensation Syndrome (IOS) is the result of and a response to perceived negative rhetoric towards Islam and Muslims. IOS sufferers didn't like how Islam and Muslims were unfairly portrayed by the media and society after 9/11, and in a pathetic attempt to show solidarity with Islam and Muslims, they now view Islam and Muslims as unconditionally good, which is equally as dangerous and wrong as viewing them unconditionally bad. Hence, these people are overcompensating.

An IOS sufferer will call anyone who disagrees with Islam or criticizes the actions of Muslims as "racists", "fascists", or "Islamophobes", in an effort to prevent any dialogue and acknowledging the truth/merit in the other person's argument.

IOS sufferers also love to throw out words like "hate speech" when there is criticism of Islam and Muslims, and they are so willing to give up their liberal values in support of values/ideologies that are anything but liberal.
Lars: "Did you know that the Islamic legal system of sharia law demands that homosexuals and apostates be killed?"

Libby: "Shut up you white imperialist patriarchal racist bigoted fascist Islamophobe!

Lars: "Good lord, you are suffering from Islamic Overcompensation Syndrome. I wonder if you're a sociology major."
by jellydonutbearclaw February 01, 2011
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