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Isla is a beautiful girl with and amazing personality who is amazing at nearly everything and can keep her youth through out her entire life and she can always put a smile on someone's face even in the darkest of times and she is great at keeping any secret. When you first meet an Isla she can be quiet but once you know her she will light up your world for the rest of your life, she is a fragile person and can loose control of her actions so be carful with her and if she loses trust in you it will be hard to get it back and if you meet an Isla it will be the best thing in your life to have her around. She is always sweet and caring for her friends and family and looks out for them if they are going through a hard time she will never leave them for anyone else. She has a great imagination that everyone will love and she has big dream's that will come true is she sets her heart on it.
Guy 1 wow did you see her today she is a great drawer in art.
Guy 2 yeah that's Isla Krol she is amazing.
Guy 1 I wish I could draw that good.
by 1375.2003_ace December 20, 2017
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