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1) A question posed to someone when their breath is so foul that you nearly puke when they are talking to you.
2) A question stated when someone is talking objectionally close to you - in your face - to knock them so off-guard that they have to back away out of embarassment and/or shock.
1) Max: - who was out all night drinking - "...and then we had another round of 5 shooters each and went up to sing Karaoke..."
Scott: - gagging from Max's sewage breath intercedes - "Good god that your breath or your ass!!?
Max: - turning red from embarassment shuffles off quickly to the men's room to cleanse his mouth with dispenser soap.

2) Sergeant Dick: - uncomfortably close and in the face of an investigating detective - "I want to know if you went in, picked up the knife and THEN put on your gloves, or if you put on your fucking gloves BEFORE picking up the piece inspector!!?"
Inspector Non Chas Lant: - "Excuse me Serge, is that your BREATH or your ASS...."
Sergeant Dick: - backing off several feet - "Just keep the scene clean from now on guys."
by psiscott2000 May 14, 2006
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