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1. Any person or crackpot idea that is outright retarded, misleading, or completely illogical beyond all reason.
2. Something that cannot get any stupider than it currently is.
3. Bullshit that can't be broken down into simper forms of complex absurdity.

For example, pseudoscience.
"Intelligent Design fits the criteria of pseudoscience perfectly because it completely lacks any genuine science and its adherents operate solely on making baseless assertions and speculation. Its ideas cannot be falsified through the scientific method because it deliberately fails to produce valid, testable data to confirm its claims. Irreducible complexity is indeed irreducible stupidity at its finest. Intelligent Design is unworthy to be taught in public schools because it has literally nothing to offer."

"Creationism is a joke. It appeals only to the weak-minded and is simply an intellectually lazy excuse to be willfully ignorant of real empirical science. The irreducible stupidity of creationism and its advocates is simply unfathomable."

"That dumbass thinks the world is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs once lived together with humans. He is so irreducibly stupid. Did he purposely fail high school biology, or did he get his so-called "facts" from a church? He is such a n00b."

"Anyone who can stare directly in the face of evidence for evolution and still have the audacity to ignore it has to be willfully uneducatedโ€”more accurately, irreducibly stupid."

"Nuff said.
by EvolvedExpert April 21, 2011
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