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A stern, unyielding, unwavering, taxing, unabating, arduous, demanding person.
Dick had an unearned reputation for being an Iron Ass, but he was actually a draft dodger, and stooge for the military industrial complex.
by mlhiss January 08, 2016
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One who does not have an Ironass, nor is he an ass. He is a unique individual with the simple knowledge of coding, and who sucks on drums.
Me: I challenge you to a drum duel
Me: and I will win
Ironass: Then Ill pay a mexican to come up with a shank and stab you
Me: You would have to
Me: since its a fight to the death
Ironass: I dont care
Ironass: As long as some one gets stabbed
by mEkImIrMe January 28, 2005
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