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A rear approach sexual technique which involves the male partner’s penis being placed between the female partner’s bottom cheeks, after which he slides up and down until orgasm is achieved. This style of sexual intimacy avoids penetration, allowing virginity to be preserved, but the proximity of the penis to the vagina, with the obvious chance of ‘trickle down’ means that contraceptive precautions must be taken to reduce that risk. The technique is very unlikely to provide sexual satisfaction for the female partner unless direct clitoral stimulation is provided by either partner. Lubrication is essential to avoid discomfort for either partner and to ensure that ejaculation can be reached in an environment which is as viscous (slippery) as vaginal or oral intercourse.
“Ah come on Colleen, you’ll be getting me real horny now, let’s go to bed?”
“Patrick O’Connell you’ll be a bad man and spoil me reputation all over the county you will. You can have an Irish Fuck and there’ll be no argument over it at all at all.”
“Ah right Colleen, that would be grand . Do you have some Vaseline or Kerrygold butter to be getting things comfortable?”
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by Katie4eyes January 12, 2018
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