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A sexual act that takes place at a Bar/Pub. The woman shows up for a few beers and a fun night with some of her friends. The bus boy takes a liking to her and hits on her throughout the night. Eventually, the woman becomes drunk enough and takes a bite. The bus boy takes her in the back to the industrial size dishwasher, bends her over into hit, and porks the living shit out of her. This was first done back in the early 1940's when horny, drunk Irishmen couldn't find a ride home so they would fornicate in the dishwasher. This same act can be accomplished at an ordinary home however, it's not as exhilarating.
Bill: Dude! I had sex with Sally in a dishwasher over at McDeepthroat's Pub!
Joe: Looks like you gave her the Irish Dishwasher
by TESTICLETWISTER December 28, 2013
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