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The natural tendency of a shirt, while defecating on a toilet, to create a narrow passage along the abdomen and chest, through which potent fecal fumes are able to travel directly from the toilet to the face. Sufferers may experience, watery eyes, gaging, nausia, or in extreme cases vomiting.
I forgot to take my shirt off this morning during my morning glory, gave myself an Irish Chimney and ralphed everywhere.

I missed lunch today. Took a deuce right before hand, gave myself an Irish Chimney and lost my apatite.

Bob called in sick this today, I wondering if he's suffering from an Irish Chimney.

-"I'm going to step into the office."
-"Don't forget to close your Irish Chimney."

Dutch Oven, Fruitcup, Fart Apnea
by casual1 March 27, 2012
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