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{ Ai-reen }

Someone hard to describe . Someone who is a lot of things, numinous, selcouth, cosmogryal etc. An honestly lovely girl, who dreams alot and wanders. The people who are her closets friends understand her, even though she might be the weirdest person they've ever met. Ireen values her friends, family, and her priorities. She's the type of person who would rather choose vintage than modern. Who would rather stand up and fight for herself and others than sit around and feel sorry for herself. She turns heads and quickly makes the atmosphere comfortable with the people that make her feel confident. Ireen has a strange scent of petrichor and a bit of saltiness and perfume. This just defines her lolita-gangster, laid back vibes more and creates a sense of mystery around her. It's better not to question her, she might surprise you and leave you speechless. She's beautiful, smart, knows when the timing is right. In summary is someone close to Perfection. Despite all this, she still has her insecurities and often has low-self esteem from even the littlest things. Ireen desires a paradise suited for her,an appentence,a redemancy,to not have any tacenda,an undeniable radiance in life, an even better melomaine, and to be the "crème de la crème" for everyone. She's funny,lustful, desirable,intelligent,shy,complex,has a nice figure, a godess and an overall a gapeseed. If you have or know an Ireen be grateful for her, and treasure her.
"Ireen is basically perfection in one person."

" She gave me a strange but awkward attraction, she's like Ireen"
by _Ataraxia November 20, 2014
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A bitch ass girl who dosent know what to do with her life. She tries to fit in but she will always be different no matter what she changes. She a stubborn little girl who acts like a hoe and need to get her ass on the ball and be better than what she is.
Ugh that girl is acting like an Ireen
by hussla July 02, 2014
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