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A person who refers everything and every single thing/ facts/ disputes to his or her Iphone i.e by looking it up in his or her Iphone google or yahoo or any other search programs when he or she is able to do the same thing on his or her PC which has a bigger screen and a lot faster.
At an office:

Sally: babe, my PC's suddenly down. Can you quickly look up the meaning of douchebag on yours?

Stella: Wait a sec, let me look it up in my Iphone through this excellent google apps which other phones also have but mine is more superior because it is on an Iphone.

Sally: But your PC is on and it's right smack in front of you? Can't you just type it in since the keypad's a lot bigger and way easier to type, rather than your stupid small touchscreen which just makes it harder?

Stella: but the google apps looks better and smarter on my Iphone!

Sally: What the...? Nevermind, just look it up. God you are such an Iphone referrer!
by adzha January 11, 2011
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