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Characterized by compulsive use of the word 'wii' to prefix any word in any language. Common in serious Wii addicts who live almost exclusively in their own 'Wii-ality'. In extreme cases, victims may become totally lost in their Wii-ality forever, losing jobs and relationships, and becomming strange creatures of darkness with huge muscular right arms.
A: 'You don't spend any time with me anymore.'

B: 'Hang on I'm almost finished this PGA tour event.'

A: 'I'm leaving.'

B: 'Oh come on, wii-lese dont go...I can change, wii-lieve me, I can put this thing down anytime I wii-ant.'

A: 'You clearly have Involuntary Wii-cabulary Syndrome (IWS) and need help, good luck.'

B: 'Fine, if wii can't wii-ork it out, then wii can't and thats just fine with wii.'
by el sean o August 27, 2008
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