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Invisible Island was originally made up on a last-minute attempt to create an island pamhplet for an english class. Sense then, it has flourished into an acctual island. No one is really certian where it is, but it is deffinately on Earth. Everything that comes from this island is invisble, except for the people. The people of Invisible Island wear masks and short grass skirts. They never remove their masks, and they never shave. The people only eat things from the island, thus making their poop invisible. Natives often throw invisible poop at visitors. The only thing other than people that are visible on this island are plastic rocks. These rocks come from Tiawan, and natives throw those too. Invisible Island has one mountain, and around that mountain there are crashed planes and copters that flew into the invisible mountian.
Hey Jake, lets go to Invisible Island!" "No way, Finn, I don't want to get poop in my face.
by Feli_Vegras November 16, 2010
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