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1.the feeling you get when your so pissed off, that you feel you are more powerful than god and hell that no one can take you, fuck with you, kick your ass, the most highest level of adrenaline rush where any common sense or sense of consequence is eliminated for a short period of time. this is especially a dangerous time to fuck with someone. at this point, it, it is momentarily believed that you are invincible and immortal hence "Invincimmortal".

2. a feeling gamers get when they are on a non-stop winning streak an kills all opponents in the game or in 2 player mode, knows he has more skill than his opponent or friend, and continuily kicks the shit out of all who opposes him.

3. entering in both unlimited lives and unlimited health in first person shooters. example, turok 2, you can become invincible and immortal by entering in the big cheat and enabling the unlimited lives unlimited health cheat option.
after being pushed around, john in a fit of rage, became Invincimmortal and beat the shit out of 5 bullies simutaneouly.

adam is such an asshole he is Invincimmortal at goldeneye multiplayer and never lets me win!!!

dude, if you play turok 2 Invincimmortal, you have no skill at the game and play that way just because you dont like challenges.
by killioughtta December 04, 2005
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